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h A F. A. MOURE, Bursar.


11 September, 1914.

The President, University of Toronto. Dear Mr. President: I beg to enclose copy of a letter received in June last from Dr. Wishart. This was brought before the Board in due course, and Dr. Wishart was informed that the matter would have to await your return before being dealt with.

Yours faithfully, ENCL. ag Lp pi


4 Qo UD F.

Toronto, June 22nd, 1914.

The Bursar, Univ. of Toronto. Dear Mr. Moure:

I beg to acknowledge with thanks my appointment as Professor of Oto-Laryngology. I note that the salary is to be the same as heretofore, in spite of the fact that the work has been doubled in the last three years. I beg to protest most heartily at the arrangement which allows the salary of the Chair in Oto- Laryngology to be upon a different plane from those in other depart- ments, and request that this matter be taken up at an early date, and a fairer arrangement made.

Yours truly,

(Signed) D. J. Gibb Wishart.

“Toronto. | ; aeiroevanae St. The President Oct. Bth./14 University of Toronto

Dear Dr, Falconer, I have been informed that the Eeeed

of Governors of the University has not seen its way to grant

the request of Dr. JM -MacCallun, and myself, that the hone

oraria in connection with the Ghairs of Ophthalmology, and | Ote-Laryngology, to which we have been recently appointed,

be placed upon an equality with those of the chairs in Med- icine, Surgery, and Hygiene.

I desire to take this opportunity to request

you to lay the matter again before the Board, and in doing se to restate my reasons for making the request.

Since the fixation of the scale of remuneration of the members of the medical staff, the course has been Tenet ed to five years, and the amount of instruction at the clin- ical end at the same time greatly increased, while the cours in both the Departments above pu caaet to was extended to twe

' years, instead of one, as formerly. My share of the work,

has therfome amounted to ninety periods of one and a helt

hours each, ie eseer with the oversight of alt the a

fifth years. Although this great increase was made in my personal work, I have had no increase in remuneration,

I am now requested to take charge of the Chair in Oto- Laryngology, with increased responsibility, and am given to understand that ray honorarium is to remain at the orig- inal figure, at which it stood wnen I had no responsibilit; and about a tithe of the time to spend in actual teaching.

A refemence to vage @2a_of the Report of the Board oB Governors for I9I2 will at once show how unfairly I have been treated, when I point out that Prof. Ryerson deliver LAgitiZedrey thes taternebArCchivenc other work in the Univ ths2022.with,fundingfrom. ives thirty periods of teaching o-University. of Toronto. ch, and does no other work, and yet each of these gentlemen is teceiving precise. ly the same honorarium as I am, My hours of teaching for the past four years have amounted to I35 hours each year, together with the responsibility for and the oversight of all the clinical teaching in Oto-Laryngology. By the new arrangement of the Medical Course Dr,

MacCallum will be called upon to undertake exactly the same amount of teaching and responsibility as I have oute

lined above,

: I trus iat the, Board will do ys the justi: httos:// to grant our request, Yours@ctfully,

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i on

October 9th, 1914 DPs D. he G. Wishart, Crosvenpo Street, ic


T read your letter yesterday to the Board. JT think that the Boara realised fully the inequalities of the position and do not intend in any way to estimate the value of your services by the present honorariua. They have appointed a committee to look into the matter, and see if it is vossitle to remedy salaries in the way of rewoving inequalities, cut ‘I aw afraid that any change that the Committee will reconrmend will not take effect during the present session. 1 have gone my best to get the matter settled as you desire and as I think is only right, but I am afraid that I can do nothings further at present.

Yours sincerely,


December 14th, L914

Dr. D.' ds Gibb Wishart, 47 Grosvenor Street, Toronto.

Dear Dr. Wishart!: T have just received your letter with regard to the offer

to Frofessor VcLennan received from the University of Birrwinghan. It tie very gratifying that he bas won for himself and for the Universiity such a high name among the rhysicists of Fnsland. I hope, however, indeed ‘I fully expect that we shall be atle to retain his services, and 'T think that the Governors will express their appreciation of his staying.

With kind regards, T am,

Yours sincerely,




> B

Genter Loth, 1914

Dr. D.. de, Gibb Misharti, 47 Grosvenor Street,


[ have received your letter with regard to Dr. Reeve. IT do not nesa to say that IT aw theroughly in accord with your proposal, and woulda like to see it carried out, tut rersonally I should feel great aiffi- dence in atproaching the Prerier on this natter, I always have the feeling that from wy position in the University it would te inprover for re to approach the autnorities tor such a purvose, cut if it can be rade effective through @ther influence none will rejoice more than ‘I.

Yours sincerely,





President Falconer.

Dear Sirs Aten informal meeting of a few members of the York

Club, it was thought that it would be a graceful compliment Base Hospital

to our confreres who will fom’ the staff of No. 4 (University of Toronto), to tender them a dinner at the York Club on the evening of Friday the 16th.

Of course your neme is included as:being likely to be willing to goin. Kindly let me know by return mail.

Yours sincerely,

aie | U yr hende—