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Dear Grandmama:

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I haven't forgotton about sending you the letter for the Clerk of Circuit Court, put Mr. Todd our lawyer has been out of town on a case but will be back this weex end so will get it written next week.

Charles,is back with us. He went to see our minister and then we both went to see him. He said he would also go to the A.A. A. meetings, they help some times, 1 didn't tell himm that I called you , so he doesn't know that you know, I surely do hope that things will go 0. K. now. But his going to see our minister ig a step in the right direction.

It has been raining here for the past week and is still cloudy. We had to stert our fire last week and still have it going, but hope ir will warm up for a few more weexs.e Has it been cold down there? Margaret wanted to know if it ever ranined and wax cold down at Grendmama's like it was here. Buddy & Margaret had their Flu shots, put they wouldn't give to me because 1. bade-eehd=s <OW see is your arm’ | ee

Well I am at work, so guess I had better get pack at it. We all send love.


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Mrs. L. oie West St. Andrew: Panama City, Florida