‘) pus yer Study

ommittee charg the feasibility of

bas been appointed by Pres- opinion that the stu not operate in gi that there 18 Bre at deal lip and duplication he {urther feel that the poli nj practices of the student Bens leave a great deal to jv he continued. ed the committee, which Hie headed by Dr, Reuben Mehl student radio

Bhlieations do

embers of the committee

ME. Batroukha, Mr. John el, Miss Judith Jones, Miss guinger, Dr. Nancy Potter,

Ppighen. Rosenberg, Mr. Eric and Me, Albert Szymanski

URI chapter of Delta Delta will award two scholarships Bic to any woman on campus the end of this academic

Dnding to regulations govern- Delta Delta Delta Local Siship Fund, candidates “may, nol, be fraternity members ion as to teed, or color,” They should Hqualified students show- mise of valuable service in luture communities." the Delta Delta Delta Local ship Fund was begun the y has awarded $370,000 to


Media |

ident publications |

i= =r



Kenneth L. Murray, (left),

Recently elected president of the URI Newman Club was h i Other officers pictured include Charles Obst, vice president, and Frank Abbotamarco, treasurer (standing). Not pictured is Eileen Grundy, newly elected secretary.

Dr. Jon R. Ashton, lecturer in library science at the Columbia University school of library science since last year, has been appointed

brary School, it was announced last week by Dr. Francis H. Horn, URI president.

The Board of ‘Irustees of State Colleges approved the establi ment of the school last Oct. 3 effec- tive with the 1963-64 academic year starting July 1. Dr. Ashton’s ap- pointment also becomes effective then.

President Horn named a commit- tee under the chairmanship of Prof. Francis P. Allen, URI librarian, to seek candidates for the deanship. Mr. Allen said he contacted 22 rec- ommended candidates, interviewing five of them.

Former Columbia Prof Is New Library School Head

dean of the new URI Graduate Li-)

University in 1936 with the B.A. degree, and the M.A. in 1937, Dr. Ashton received the Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1944, and the M.A. in Library Science from Wisconsin in 1951,

Dr. Ashton has been an assistant | professor of library science at the University of Wisconsin, head li- brarian at the University of North Dakota, and editor of the “North Dakota Quarterly.”

He was appointed professor and | head of the department of library

versity in 1959, and the next year was named general adviser to the chancellor of libraries, associate di- rector of libraries, associate profes:

sor of literature, and acting diree-

Winning Weekly *


|| plaint by the Dean of Me

seience at Northern Tilinois Uni-|


ty of Rhode Island

* URDs Award.

27, 1963

OL Lyi’ NO. 22

Phi Mu Delta was fined $25 and

|placed on social probation for one|an unr

semester by the URI Interfrater-|

hity Council Jast Monday night for) violating established University s0- cial rules. :

The action resulted from a com office


Will Speak

Dr, Herbert Gezork, president of Andover Newton Theological School will sj on “Christian Ethics for the Nuclear Age” at URI tomorrow at 7p. m. in the Memorial Union.

A native of Germany, he was gen- eral secretary of the German Bap- tist Youth Movement until it was

Dr. Herbert Gezork

‘IFC Prosecutes _ Frat For Drinking

against the fraternity for holding tered, offeampus party Mar. 2 during which alcoholic bev- rages were served,

In making its recommendation to the council, the IF executive committee originally asked for a

|$50 fine and one semester's proba- d “bringing an- upon the Uni- y and the entire campus frat- ernity system.”

Tn voting on th commendation, the IFC decided to lighten the fine because of Phi Mu's past good rec ord and because of the fact that }*no previous planning of the party was involved, therefore arranges ments could not be made with the University social committee.”

(Continued on pai

Chafee Visits URI Tonight

Gov. John H. Chafee will speak at a coffee hour sponsored by the URI Young Republicans tonight at 7 in the Union lounge. This will be the governor's first visit to the campus since the UREPC game in January

Mr. Chafee’s talk will be on a sub- ject of his choice, but he is expects ed to comment on affairs of interest to the student bory and the campug | community in general Ernest Drew, president of the

dissolved under the Hitler govern:| yon Republicans, has said thal

ment, which he opposed. He wrote two books in German which were|

panned by the Nazies. Dr. Gezork was one of nine mem

tor of libraries at the University of | Puerto Rico.

(Continued on page 5)

members of the audience will be ale lowed to question the governor om any matter they consider pertinent during a discussion which will fol

low his talk.


Antinued on page 5)

Atthe present time,

feat discretion. The

Student Senate No

Hate ie 5 a ma very important transitional officers who are elected to serve in mic year 1963-64 should be chosen

Yoeether. I strongly feel that no one oan efficiently control the student Without 4 strong executive commit-

A graduate of Washington State

John Gonsalves

the URI Student I

new officers must

(cont. on page 6)

minees State View

‘on the duties of the Pre: Senate is to outline sor thought. This does not in have taken in my platform, covers the most important camp}

today. p

James H. Clingham

c res y hts | the best way to express My thoug ae sident of the Student

me general areas of clude every stand I but I feel this us problems (cont. on page 6)

§ On Senat


Tn the cony

dent body as a present role as undergraduate

e Obligations

Senate will begin a wholly new experiment. It will attempt to represent and lead the stu=

workable body will operate

Gerald E. McDowell

ing academic year the Student

whole rather than continue its a mere forum for conflicting

interests. The under the as-

sumption that the Senate should do more than pass club constitutions and wrangle over stu- dent tax allocat

tions. (cont. on page 6)

smaller, more


Do you think this year’s Student

Inquiring Photographer ca ae


Photos by Farmer

ty ie Ay carr] iad <> Steve Mignone: “The Student Jerry Sunshine: “The elections Jim Vetta: ‘1 think the new Stu- Senate elections should definitely

pete Skeffington: “Campus-wide should be campus-wide to give slu- dent Senate officers should he lect. be campusawide. Although it would articipate ed campus-wide since they will be bea popularity cont it would be ying after the new constitution one in which qua fl

Bill Schachter; “I think the old system (election by Student Senate ejections give all the students a dents the chance to Pi

smenibers) is fie. Studentoyide Sen- chance to voice their opinions on more fully in their government and sery to elect who they want to head it. (calling for popular lection) takes would participate since they


‘ate elections are more of a popular- = i ee SaTOr

ity Sout than angthing Frey Srpie Page instead of leaving 1 eaving the Senate to decide for it- effect. Such an election gives the haye to be nominated by the

iz else. it up lo the delegates. The popular self who the new officers will be whole student body a chance to de- ate.” vote gives a better representation actually just leaving it to the minor- cide who the Senate president and

other officers will be.”

ake i 7 Wheels Mil

Dear Editor, be stopped. This is an int In the healing arts a malignant situation in the same sense us a cell is recognized as a terribly evil | malignancy is intolerable. | thing, not only in itself, but also of Either the administration is ige —~ its influence on, the healthy sur- norant of the above situation or it rounding cells. In short, this one} 1s cognizant of it but refuses to do malignant cell, if left unchecked anything about it, Tn either case, and not eut out, will bring inevit- both are bad. able doom as it spreads to its nor-| 1, as an individual, cannot do. mal surroundings, culminating in|much alone, but I am prepared to the destruction of a vastly complex organize a group large enough that organism, This organism 1 wish to) will be able ta do something about discuss is the community of the|it if enough individuals so desire. University of Rhode Island and the |1¢ (his doesn't work I do plan to malignancy in this case is masque-|take up a collection so that I may rading in the guise of a blue uni-}buy our local gendarmerie arm form studded with brass buttons, | bands with the swastika prin(ed on Two weeks ago on the afternoon’ them so that unknawing individuals of Friday, March 15, 1 was on eye}may be warned of the behavior witness to. the following incident, | which might be expected from the _ A police cruiser, a siren scream-| mentioned somewhat demented and ing, screeched to a halt in front of | inadequate persons. 4 the Union. Out jumped 4 rotund Davin R. MANYAN fellow clothed in blue, sporting Graduate Student Pease ee and in his haste to “get his man” neglected to secure i the emergency brake so that the tg Nort again, criticism, tt ow dclvarioas eruieer COMmENCG| gate iit intel’ all we nave baad io ee seems that lately all we have Pe eal Sipe eae kT ee hearing is eritieism made about URE 4 er, at 5 lil thing we the © and US, It looks like every! pr fe i Jumped tn andlig op show is sinful and in ‘The “officer” then proceeded to a! ete eae a it oe | cate who mae watking into the eee URI and this -|Union and orderes read Sa ey ree RET Baleares did. The student was ae proad-mineded or others are too . student was next ed inded. Tol} me, whal is 2 into the cruiser in typical Gestapo] >" ony anout “Never: ad Lactics, : PO | immoral about “Never on Sun » Not living in a police rd “prose did. student Police | pecause they heard the word that this nt obviously felt! ftutes” the movie all of « suds was not justified in View! pecomes immoril and ool ‘a le


of what the students’ feelings are.” ity.”


Kee J THE ENGAGEMENT RING WITH THE PERFECT CENTER DIAMOND > True artictry is expressed in the brilliant fashion styling of

: ‘every Keepsake diamond engagement ting. Each

eeiting is a masterpiece of design, reflecting the full brilliance _ anid beauty of the center diamond »» » a perfect

of the “erie” be had committed, | ,

which —~ ‘i ‘to 19 and 20-yeanol

telooy of aa Gas er " uel w a wail <f

ex 1 fam tthe Uni wile Be Sunday an onl

: ‘Ss pe-| >

Lond companion had since re psychological wait. SB i

a ih while the intripid) ge movie teaches us tht once &

‘then. grabbed th The “Of-| rerson adopts a way of Uvink C4 sa

gem of flawless otarity, fine color and amet the student) cont change that person pushing him toward the - 3] meticulous modern out, he student resisted a8 Woy | ne thing ts cae anit ie individual would all wos the music. I faol, F *

it our frien “A atid finally pgs the movie three Umer bere the student the music or Boosaokia CHIN gy ting the tyoteal aes Hie. type uf musie that Ny rome q maadity Aagtics. 1 also iencd, the| ,, Wake UR. YOR TM el cur’ sereom at the student say ing, “You're nothing on this vam

Authorized Keopsohs Jewelers may be Netod In the ‘Waller Pages. Visit on Sn your tins and hrnne Not foany teaytitul etyles, eoch with (he cme “eepaahe’ In the ring and on the tag.

eR eee ee re SE 7 Pos.” Tf o stud foges thar we haye vow 30 Pian YOUR FVEAGEMENT AND WEDBINR [Every and A RM 8 hy ind bac ns le, q ‘hoe nm beoblala, “How Ae Plan Yeur fing tity ob This servant claims, ‘then The URI intertraternitt

road and Wedding’ and "Choos Kings.” bath for ony We Alio pe jee otter of

how dues the Gniveriity idea te 08 Beautiful 44 page Bride's Book, ty propose to} Council has decided OM oct

Atny in existence? orvic®

1 mibmit that the “poticoman” g four, svefere erent tentloned above 1s sick Just as the} Waek (April 28 ond 21) Ee Him: pe Of the Gestapo under! fraternity will be o oe re mie: were sick wid #howd be| unteer, The entire far e's Just as the Gestepo on | community invited tepid the ai ki mle were destroyed belore| ideas or suggestions fo the the sickness has a chance te apcond)| Yast eorcnities's S18"

paint where It oan oo longer! Reeeblo, in Chi Phi:

SRE a bit leg in

‘ESR Rae



= DNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1963


y evening, the URI Student a new stale of officers to

ng school year,

ext Mond pal? will elect jr the ensult jee confident that our study senators sg ovine WIC choices in picking their new «bur we would like to remind them of be jynportance of choosing mature, respon-

<adent oriented people during these * sghanging” student government,


The new slate and especially the new gyulent Senate president will have a big job gsiort in organizing and instituting the ges that this present body bas made. The new president of the Student Senate gust be an aggressive, dynamic, representa- of the student body in dealing with the pioistration and outside groups, His pri- yy concern niust be in defending and sup- orang student's fights, freedoms and inter- Jy, He must be student oriented in that he {constantly aware of existing pressures but ges his utmost in the face of these pressures pchampion student wishes. Secondly—and ‘oy if time petmits—he should concern ‘elf with the politics of national student wietnment and act as 4 spokesman for his Hedy in regard to national affairs affecting udents.

He must strive for a workable student-

Whats The

Whether or not ‘Never on Sunday” was orally objectionable to the president of this University—or “La Dolee Vita’ is mor- ‘ily objectionable to a Rhode Island state jor is not the question of the moment.

(N.B. 'Never on Sunday’ is a condemned it. According to the Legion of Decency, “icondemned film is considered to be one,

ause of theme or (reatment, has been des- by the Holy Father as ‘positively ‘La Dolee Vita’ is a movie that is un-

be shown here? We at ld, Although there are over 2,000 cS iMending URI, we feel -that tastes Mertainment needs of the rest of the WS Comumunity must be taken i{0 | nh ee chaplain has a duty to his inform them of the view of the Cath- in regard to condemned movies. oners of Catholicism also have tion to avoid this type of en~ there is nothing wrong according to the ney. ‘condone, approve, and ie gud be allowed to al

The New Slate

teed of o arid activity. But he should

fo hesitancy in blasting the administra = Hine comes that they act justly oA Pour haste. He must be Zant of , opin- in dealing with

Ares constantly lor is truly the spokesman of the

The rest of the slate to be elected nex Monday should be chosen on their ability and Interest in student government and working for student government. Team ef- fort is vital to the success of any organiza- tion. No candidate should be chosen solely on popularity and good looks as would some- times seem the case, Let us exercise mature judgment to insure the best possible group of executive officers for this new senate to in- sure everyone that a most effective job will be done.

With its revised constitution the new URI Student Senate will act as a more vital link between students and administration than it has ever been before. Student sena- tors have as their responsibility a duty to in- sure good student government.

Think about it choose wisely and yote intelligently.


Senate investigation. If we were to follow the reasoning of some groups—we might be led to believe that the public movie theaters should not be allowed to show ques- tionable movies because of the large percen- tage of Catholies in the state. Anyone should readily admit that the college student is just as intelligent and has the same rights as the general patron in seeing and choosing movies.

Every individual, when informed of right and wrong, must ultimately decide if right is right and wrong is wrong, and then whether or not to act in a right or wrong manner. Re-

the occasion of sin only prolongs the actual sin—once the decision is made—

Many have said that the announcement condenination to the movie This might have been the case ina public movie theater—but when ‘Never on Sunday” was shown here—the attendance was ane servation an the student body. this movie

condemned this by the sure that some

see a. condemned movi Sane were a'lusty few.

lic chaplain. We are also ea have attended merely

- rie morality of youth, especially college

yas some would lead us student. for the most fe individual. We condemned mo- ‘will offer any serious moral prob- |

students, is HOt 3S Low {to believe. college part, is a mature, doubt

‘vies here


the showing of

vik to the serious Catholic.

tong run does nothing no pre-

would draw larger crowds

tend to believe, after ob- discussion with members of that many would have at had they not known it was condemned but avoided it because it was

and they were made aware of

ie—but we tend to


ib Ciena a catenin ae


With Ee Mchouk ondlors

ee a a ee

Fraternity Blazers As you know, most fraternities have Black blavers, One trate ® wear 2 maroon blaszer— with that speedy sorority ni it didn't work. That's right

ither dark blue @ however, started same time ag musly an attempt at association: but from witht ve understand cul their hair too short,

a OF


He is 20.6 yeors ol, Twelve chances out of o hundre is married, He spent $68 ih refurbishing his wardrobe, It’s an even bet that he owns or has full-time ake af én automobile. He mukes a point of being well groomed! ai has already accumulated much of the gear of the good life. ? He is Joe College, 1963. r This is some of the information that wus released anit about male undergradwates in-a study made by PLaveoy mag- azine. It is possible to list more statistics, but they are all cut and dry, and who really cares about the “vital” statisues o male undergraduates, 4 Next week will be the last week that this column will ap-— pear here and it will also be the last time that this reporter wil L Nave an opportunity to give you his clear and unbissed interpre~ {ation of campus happenings. You can be sure that f will miss” being unbiased and clear as much as the sororities will miss this weekly expedition into soul searching. ;


Someone recently accused me of being too sophisticated in writing this type of column, I agree that I could have occ: sionally been more blunt and called an animal—an animal in- Stead of a “Ploughboy”, but—in the last analysis—it wouldn't have been healthy.

Sum-Sum- Summertime 5 » Now that Spring has sprung—eyeryone who is alive looks forward to warmer weather and the beach-parties. A beac party is unlike any other adventure in the world of college; Ac. tually the most exciting part of a beach-party is the romantics involved, It’s secret, it’s daring, it’s refreshing, in fact its just like stepping into an ad for Newport filter cigarettes?

Keystone Kops All year we have been exceptionally kind to the camp 1S police—because—tet's face it—they aren't of the same “key= stone” variety that existed before the new chief came here. But, 1 was thumbing through another school newspaper the other day—and borrowed this serig—and I present it in reminiscence of the good old days. * (sing tothe nore to the John B.) 1. The campus ‘fuzz and me, Eye to eye we cannot see, "Round campus grounds I can’t roam, Scheming all night, Got into a fight, I feel so break-up, Why don’t they go home? Chorus 2. Take away the chief's stars, Give somebody else the bars, The chieftan is unfair to me, 5 Make him go home, . Make him go home, Make him go home, I feel so. break-up. Why don’t he go home? . Well, the first sarg, he got sunk, Mud came into the trunk, Tow truck had to come and Now the chief returns He makes my heartburn I feel so break-up, Why don'the go home? (Cligriey)

Eric Michact Swidur—edit ior Carolyn J. Wilkle—Mara James H, Clingham—Susiness Manager Established in. 1908 at Kingston, Rhode Island. Publis students during the school year. Offices located In the Exterrion 355. Entered as second cless | 4 Wakefield, R. |. Post Office, under the Act of Mare

pull hin away:




1 —=2

WiEVv POiInT | Named Full Professors


President—Student Senate

n order to the Challenge Spe aker Se

Congratulations are i On Monday of this week

ries on its most recent presentation Challeng three presidential and the two vice- presidential candidates of the Student Senate in a program en- titled “The Future Role of Student Government at URI

¢ presented the

The candidates were offered the opportunity to present their views on student government and to answer questions posed by a most interested audience. One of the great lessons Jearned by the five candidates, it would seem, 1s that one in pub-

lic position must be fully acquainted with issues at hand

The value of such a program 1s immeasurable. Not only are the candidates able to present their views on pertinent issues, but they are also subject to rather intense examination on the k part of the students they wish to represent The candid discus- sion period that followed undoubtedly gave the nominees a| taste of the type of political dialogue i which, if elected, they | shall be engaged during their year of office

The presidency of the Student Senate involves much more | than “chairing” a meeting or spending time with the adminis- tration”. Prior to my being elected to office last year this was my mistaken conception of the duties of that office. I hope that the | present candidates are not suffering under any delusions regard-| ing the obligations involved. I have learned from experience | that the position I have held is a difficult but extremely re-| warding one. |

Perhaps the most important principle of which the new| president must be aware 1s that student government by defint- tion is constantly in transition Thus, continuity of purpose 1s more important than individual leadership. This fact must be immediately recognized if student government at this university is to properly mature

The new president must realize that he may not see in the time of his administration the fruition of all his endeavors. His| enthusiasm, nevertheless, must never be diminished; he must al-| ways be ready to act and to express himself. |


a cigarette means a lot...

our friends.

the gentlemen pictured above are three of

the over fifty students who have worked with us over the past few years. we are proud to

have be

n associated with these men as we are with all college students at the University. they have done an excellent job in helping us

give you friendly, happy-go-lucky, care-free


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more taste

inside and outside

Dr. Anton Mohrnheim, left, professor of metallurgy in the URI geology department, and Dr. Nancy Potter, right, of the URI Mar English department, were recently appointed full professors. sa

more body in the blend more flavor in the smoke


through the filter

in a And L®*M'’s filter is the modern filter

© only pure white couches your

Bazaar Nets

About $800


The total amount colle

ted dur avail

: hud had hoped) to raise $2,000, twice the amount

ing this year's drive is not

able, but student leader collected last year 4 man marries so hell

have someone t


» talk to about hime


all whites lips


_ MARCH 27

1963 allege _ IFC * (Ch Darin


toy that tiny

tthe f

roholic IFC deg execut) ation ur Monda:

The ¢

one mor

the name jnnounced before

jhe next academic

iN Ve Information con sey, Service Project | fppessler Hall | Pea chapter 1s also | veneral Scholarship

etiue to. any woman OO Pech fs bandied by the yp Women and the N pe i pelts Delta Delta pi mount of the awards * one of the 107 cam jin this competition peed $300. The General jp und Awards willbe iy the winners at the of the term for which ore granted, For more fact Dean Morris,

pea. con


[pok down at your feet! | ; thoes need shining? Have| Actual-size sketch of the first URI mace, a gift to th ie uni-

ity from the 1963 i Pile girls shine them for versi e graduating class, is vi t be doing yourself a) Stockard, general chairman of the einen, eae: Mpeerting the Tri Delta| mittee, and Maria Visco, senior class se ee. | [Ei Fund at the same time.| of sterling silver, heavily gold pl secretary. The 36-inch mace | Bate Won't pats up| “tafe wel Ia teRRESERE gold plated and mounted on a rosewood yin! URI seal, with sk ‘our pounds. It is surmounted by a three-inch , with sketch of Davis Hall, which houses the coll on the reverse side. epsinall,

olan | plogial he Beinued from page 1) |

He dolegation of American

if lees UTE EEO mio Soviet Russia in _ | Attention SENIOR and GRADUATE MEN Students

who need some FINANCIAL HELP i patie aed f _in order to complete their education ‘during this academic year and will then Apply to STEVENS BROS. FOUNDATION, INC. A Non-Profit Educational Corp. 610 Endicott Bidg., St. Paul 1, Minn.


Here will be open to the Boiis the last of a series bythe URI Christian As and the Canterbury Asso

Does a man really take unfair advantage of women when he uses Mennen Skin Bracer?

lappens to affi kably? affect women so remarkably n Bracer because

mitted te inl wolves

pus port


Phi sagt Ira ae poe i ne poll

nity te te Unites

akon fro yas

Mor. 2 during which al


fded to delay actic ihe quiechal, aecating sa) night, - , PHOTO SUPPLY, INC committee has recommended| 4 Robinson St., Wakefield

ind 27 High St., Westerly

nth's goclal resteietion

(Audhor of “I Was a Teen-age Dwarf he Many Lowes of Dobrie Gillis

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It all started the very first day

walking across the campus, swin ¥ pape ! inig: traditional aira like Blue Tost Fly ond Death and Trane Jiguration, when all of a sudden T ran into this her

looking fellow with a monogram on his t me was I a freshiman. I said yes. He « be a BMOC and the envy of all tl

said the only way to mak

a fraternity. Fortunately with him, so he pricked my thuml:a didn’t tell me the name of the fraternity or where it u pose I'll find out when I go active.

i Tr tted jommneg r mit he 1 it is my dearest be a BMOC he ev if 7" crowd, but you can sec t 0 bad if slept at the n't sleep at the house if I don’t

comfortable, aod

wunted someplace reasonably priced, cles intrict

within easy walking distance of cl snd San Francisco und New York in the home of « local costermor fortable—and I don’t ¢ 1 my landlord goes out tom settled and wis to look for a And I found her creature standing just under seven feet } inds, I first spied her lenin; ost the the Founder, dozing hi y. It to her for

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tir, Her

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Jing to my calculations,

rouse her, no fork, I pinched her gr my corduroy pants I slang her over my slipping several dis Fortunately, medical care for students is j All I hud to pay for were forceps, lemostats, scalp es. They would not, however,

in the process

srovidled free at the 1 few extras, like s, catgut, linen,

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: PAGE SIX - tant Senate transition, the body late, represent and champion the | McDowell should attain a firm foundation as | cause of the stadent body at URL * a student governing body, and han lAs a secondary aim I would Keep) ° Bi 8 9 b i s dle problems at its own doorstey lan awareness of, support where no » (Continued from pase 1) P y a J ' th u fection eadett pefore worrying about others. conflict of aims exists, and partic @ coming election for student) foe, we should work on prob: pate in sational student movement eee ¥ seriate president is most important}tems along the lines of vrodent [amid orgundzations. | Classified Ads ‘because the person elected will de-|taxes, off-campus housing, the Un-| It would be my position to suP- lenpiCIENT TYPIST Themes aN SOUL OW : tormine the direction that the new ae Tgirdeta Mate 7 and mest| port the admins traGon when their | theses, manuscripts Sma abla (edseritiuiterst WN HOUSHE senate will take. The new senate TEE cairn Parentis. | “vsag on a subject tx in compliance | ates. Gall titer 6 pm. ST 0:9543. | 12 noon in Independen Mar, 5 was not enyisioned as someone's particularly in the realm of expul oe Pa end special 2 pendence Hl y private tool. It is, rather, to be the |#0n, Tight to petition and the gent | With = pare ie! es we coine To FLOMDA DURI Sow saa al_mectin Epokesman and leader of all stu)’